Empower the Clean Movement

We have more skincare companies now than ever, yet as a society we are experiencing more skin problems than ever before, WHY? Our founders knew they had to think outside the box if they were to truly solve our modern day skin epidemic. They collaborated with multiple subject matter experts, and recruited a team of master esthetician. This gave them a truly unique & balanced perspective on the global skin problem and how to solve it. Our Eclectic team of Herbalists, Chemists, Dermatologist, Estheticians, Nurses & Aromatherapists continually innovate new products, services and training techniques to change the beauty world as we know it

Shaping the Clean Future

We are constantly innovating and growing. Our founder and executive team is heavily involved on the boards of numorus cosmetology schools shaping the clean beauty future. Bellus even has a mentor program to help provide opportunities to up and coming clean beauty professionals.

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