We live, and breath Clean Beauty. Our Team has built the perfect knowledge and hands on continuing education course. It covers all aspects of services products,how to educate clients, and so much more. Expert to learn marketing tactics, ways to define your brand and business. Each student received a full clean kit, reputation assessment and clean mentor for 1 year. No other course is as thorough and comprehensive as this.

Products and tools totaling over $500.00 dollars. It contains 10 products, a reference book, and a set of applicators

Yes, when you complete this course and pass our test you will receive a Bellus certificate of completion. This is proof you have continued your professional training and successfully passed our clean beauty training.

Please email if you are a potential partner or brand advisor. If you are a student please use

Chemicals treatments can work but damage the skin in the process. Natural methods work by building the skin, its health and appearance. In some cases nautral alternatives are more effective, from example bee venom is a natural form of botox. No wonder why the industry is shifting!!

Please email if you are a potential partner or brand advisor. If you are a student please use


There are a few ways you are able to access and create an account. First is becoming a bellus wholesale partner, selling our products or services in a spa/salon/shop. Second is becoming a student. Third is if you are a brand advisor.

Please either request a password reset or message us for assistance

Please reach out to your brand advisor or submit a reorder through the portal

For Partners/Brand Advisors Items like past invoices, project timelines, updates, safety data sheets, and updated collateral all can be found in your private personalized portal. Students can access their resources, certificate, new trends, techniques and personal advisor.


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